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I create a marketplace in which there are buyers - sellers. The seller sets the monthly amount that the buyer will pay.
During each transaction, the owner of the site (me) takes a commission of 3% of the amount that the seller has set.

I would like to know how to allow sellers to determine the monthly price they want to pay for their services. I would also like to know how to automatically take a commission of X% of the amount the seller has set for each transaction.

I managed to do this only for one-time payments (not monthly)… Is there someone who had the same issue and resolved it? Thanks in advance!

If you’re using the Bubble Stripe plugin then I’d check out the Bubble manual where they go through this. Although, admittedly it’s pretty high-level

Otherwise, there’s loads of videos on YouTube talking through this exact problem so I’d do a search for Stripe Bubble.io Marketplace or something along those lines and I’m sure you’ll find what you need

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