Tally for data fields?

I would love to get some quantitative insight in the data types tab, specifically the number of entries for a data field.

Just realized I had accidentally created duplicates of a field, and there was no way to know which one was utilized, and which one was empty.

Then I got to thinking this would be a pretty solid tool for doing maintenance on the DB. Sometimes when I’m trying to find a solution I wind up making DB types/fields that don’t wind up getting utilized in the solution. If a field has 0 entries, then it can probably be deleted.

Gotta be other use cases I’m not thinking of too.

Hi @zach8
To find out which field is not in used in the application
you can use search of bubble app. (Top right in editor search icon)…

For example have a look on this image…

if it is used anywhere you will get this result…

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oh wow I had no idea about the “search in app” thanks! this changes a lot of things!

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Happy to help :tada: :+1: