Targeting Android 13 (API Level 33)

We have built a fully functioning app and have had it listed on the Google Play store for three years now. We used Codeless Academy originally to buy an app build to publish it to the Google Play and Apple App store. Now, we are receiving a notification that our app can no longer be downloaded from the Play Store and installed on newer Android phones as the app ‘must target Android 13 (API level 33) or higher’ - see below.

We are aware that Codeless Academy has now shut down, however we were promised that any previously purchased Codeless Academy app builds would continue to function normally. Has anyone else had and fixed the same issue?

Or is there another method we can use to publish the app to the Play Store besides Codeless Academy?

Have you tried reaching out to someone from codeless academy?

There are times where app stores update their policy or requirements and you would need to comply. These requirements would most of the time require you to update your codebase or as what you’ve shown in the screenshot, your APIs

We haven’t, no, but I’m unsure if we still can seeing as Codeless Academy is no longer operational. I’ll still try to see if it’s an option.

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