[Template] Accounting Management CRM

One of my most advanced templates, it has features like scheduled billing records and the ability to cancel them manually.

Soms highlights

  • Scheduled Billing Records
  • Client vault for password encryption using a paid plugin ($25)
  • Client chat room
  • Task Kanban Board with drag and drop
  • One-page navigation with reusable elements

Sidenotes: I was planning to launch this for a personal project but soon learned time constraint was one of my limitations.

Some parts like inviting clients and responsiveness for certain parts will either need modification or editing as it’s a really big application and I haven’t had the time to add more features.


Pretty dope! :fire:

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Thanks @cmarchan, glad you like it.

How does the client autoreminder function work?

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That’s a good question. I just looked into it again and it seems it does schedule a back-end workflow. However, I have purposely not added E-mail triggers to the back-end workflows but it can be added and from there you can also add triggers to stop the scheduled workflows as they have a unique ID attached.

Just fyi, I haven’t spent much details on that part so there might be some tweaking involved.

Thanks, is this set up to use Sendgrid to handle the emails?

Bubble has Sendgrid as the default, you are free to choose other options. If you’re looking into purchasing this template I would recommend you to follow some of the basic courses on Bubble since this template is extremely difficult to start with as it’s original purpose was not to be published as a template.

2-11 Update:

  • Updated most of the elements on the app to the new responsive engine. This makes it much easier to modify an app as massive as this one :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

We’ll post another update if this is completely done!

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This template is now officially updated completely to the new responsive engine. Let us know if you found any responsive issues and we’ll fix them asap.

Quite a challenge as this template is packed with functionality. It’s now even easier to start adding new functionality without getting overwhelmed by dragging around elements manually :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


New images added to the portfolio page. Highlighted with information re the new responsive engine.