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🎮 Template Approved! - Joystick Gamepad Controller for Games by NoCodeMinute (Legend of Zeldinia Creator)

Hey everyone :wave:

I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of a template that I will be releasing to the Bubble Template marketplace as soon as they approve it.

Have you tried building a game in Bubble yet? I created a Game Builder in Bubble in the past. Some of you might remember it from the game that I created called The Legend of Zeldinia. It is still a work in progress…

I have been wanting to create a :video_game: controller that felt better to use than pressing a button on the screen. So I made one up using only Bubble elements and a couple of free plugins. No code added to make the controller work.

As soon as the template is approved by Bubble, I will post the link here. What do you think the price for the template should be? Let me know below in the comments.


Here is the template link: Joystick Gamepad Controller Template | Bubble


Check it out!

Enjoy! :blush:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:


Very well done! Congratulations!

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Thanks! It’s a lot more fun to move with a controller for sure. :blush:

Here is the preview page so you can see how it works if you would like. :blush:

Check it out: Joystick - by NoCodeMinute

That’s super cool, man. Really nice work here

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Thanks @jared.gibb! I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time. I started with like 9 or 10 workflows. I finally got it down to 3 workflows now. :sweat_smile:

The movement pattern seems like a “classic roguelike” game, tile after tile; is there a way to turn the movement more smooth?

I do know the Bubble limitations but not about this, are you using the dragabble plugin?

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Yeah. I put a pause in there specifically for that classic feel to it. It’s completely customizable. I made it 10 pixels spacing and at 0.2 speed.

The whole idea of it is that the controller is set up to display directions. You can choose what you want to do with those directions. I’m sure some people will come up with some cool ideas to use it.

Directions will be these options:

Up :arrow_up:
Upper Right :arrow_upper_right:
Right :arrow_right:
Lower Right :arrow_lower_right:
Down :arrow_down:
Lower Left :arrow_lower_left:
Left :arrow_left:
Upper Left :arrow_upper_left:

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Oh, i see. I really felt it like the old RPG games that the character do not stopped the walking movement sprite :grin: and moves tile after tile, like the NES Final Fantasy.

It’s cool to know that you can control pixel spacing and timing. That’s powerful.

But well, the focus is the control pad, so congratulations again, it works PERFECTLY like any Google Play Store game!

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Thanks for the positive remarks! :blush: It’s fun to work on these little side projects.

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Super cool!

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Thanks! :blush:

@Landowski @jared.gibb @moxieservicesllc

Just released the template here: Joystick Gamepad Controller Template | Bubble

Now you can see how it was created and recreate it for your own game.

Hope someone can benefit from it. :blush:

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That’s great!

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Congrats on getting the template posted! I’m sure it will get used.

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Thanks! I tried to make it cheap enough so anyone could afford it. Only $5 for now. :blush:

This is awesome! Any ideas on how this functionality might be utilized outside of gaming?

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Good question. I’m really curious to see how people use it. :man_shrugging:t2: