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[Template] πŸ”Š Audioclub - Audio Voice Chat


Audioclub is a social network in the Clubhouse style, but uses audio and peer-to-peer webrtc in real time with minimal delay for group voice communication.

The user can create as many rooms as he wants. The room owner is the admin and can invite members to the (private) group, make members moderators, mute or speak, remove from the room.

The room also has a built-in text chat, moderated by the room owner.

The user can add other users to his contacts by inviting them on the Explore section.

Let the party (or conference, meeting) begin!

Audioclub Audio Voice Chat Template | Bubble



Awesome work! How are you piping the audio, Twilio?

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Thanks! I’m using a RTC javascript plugin to handle the audio and and a german JS plugin at github to handle the peer-to-peer (signaling and STUN). It can be hosted at any website.

How can I apply it to the app I am building?

Hi! You can build your app as usual, such as a webapp and / or SaaS and adapt the template for the required use within your app using the template’s javascript code and workflows.

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Do I have the possibility to hide this?

Yes, everything in Bubble is customizable. In this case, just select the buttons group and choose β€œdo not display on page load” to hide it, or if your app do not need this controls (and workflows), just delete it.

Great work @Landowski

Any idea how this works at scale? Like how many simultaneous user can be active in a room with a good performance?

Also, I have a potential business case in the EU, worrying about GDPR etc. The bubble user data is hosted in the US I assume, but as far as the audio goes, there is no β€˜hosting’ right? So nothing besides the email addresses, room names and social connections are stored anywhere, right?

Hi Jesper, thanks!

I never tested with more than 5 people, but the stream service says it could be used for around 20 people without any problem.

All Bubble host service is stored at AWS (Amazon). About GDPR, yes, all audio are live stream using the user browser, so nothing audio related is stored. Only what you mentioned.

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Can you build a plugin for this?

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At the moment, unfortunately no. I’m working in my free time only at my webapp.

What do you think about having larger audio events (more than 50 people)? Can the peer-to-peer technnology be a limit?

Definitively you will need a more robust structure, like Agora paid API.

Hi there,
Did you remove the template from the listing? I cannot see it any more

Yes. Unfortunately, Bubble can not handle Stripe payments to Brazil anymore.

Hi there
Is there a way to get the template even if it’s no longer available on bubble templates?

Yes, you can send me a PM and we can do it.