Can you create a ClubHouse Clone on Bubble

Hey everyone I was wondering if we could create a ClubHouse Clone on Bubble where there would be rooms in which multiple people could talk at the same time. The listeners feature is not needed. So only a room in which multiple people can have a conversation without listeners. Is this possible?


Offcourse you can, the back-end technology however will need to have some sort of custom coding for the audio, can use Bubble to build the foundation with the UI, UX and basic functionality to get your project off the ground.

Okay what kind of coding would it require? I could def find someone who could help me with the coding.

You don’t need to find anyone right now for custom coding. Focus on building the application with Bubble’s built-in functionality and then perhaps some research within Bubble’s plugin library to see if you can use any existing plugin for the audio once you hit this roadblock.

Someone built a template: [Template] 🔊 Audioclub - Audio Voice Chat - #6 by Landowski

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Thanks for the mention. Yes, it does exactly what the OP wants. And was built the way nocodeventure explained, with a little bit of javascript custom work.


you would need to use agoura services

Hey I had question about the Audioclub Audio Voice Chat

I was wondering if I would be able to create some kind of system where I can see other people’s rooms as well, who I’m not friends with.

For example there is a community, So I wanted to create something where anyone can click on this community and then see other people inside this community who have already created rooms and then anyone can join these rooms.

Would this be possible?


Yes, totally! You just need to remove the Invite/Accept system to a “Look Inside / Join” system. This is easily done in workflows, removing the constraint that cut the users that not contains the room list, and when click on Join just add the user to his room lists and the add the user to the room list of users to it appear on his dashboard.