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[TEMPLATES] 7 Templates available and 20% off until the end of December

Hello folks!

1- :duck: Produck Hunt- A Product Hunt Clone

Lots of advanced features, a very rich admin page, and much more!


-In app notifications
-Dark mode
-Day by day filter
-Filtering similar to Product Hunt
-Very rich admin dashboard
-Determine when your product will be released
-Admin approval for products (to be listed)
-Adding more than one builder to a product
-Ability to add multiple labels to products and work dynamically
-Add photos and videos to products
-Comments and replies
-Product collections
-Reporting a product
-Following and followers


On the profile page, you can see your votes, products, collections, people you follow and your followers.

On the settings page, you can edit how other people see you, change your password, view your notifications and enable dark mode.

On the admin page, you can view statistics, manage users, products, topics, collections, comments and replies. Send in-app notifications to all users and can control reported products.

Product Page
On the product page, you can see photos and videos, access the profile of the builders, see their comments and answers, report the product, and list the recommended products.

You can see the collections created by admin on the collections page.

On the topics page you can see the topics and attached products

Post A Product
Well thought-out page used to create a product in three steps

Go to Template Page

2- :pizza: Meally - Marketplace for restaurants.


- Payment with Stripe
Stripe for business. When a new restaurant is added, it is paired with the Stripe seller account or needs to create a new one. In possible sales, a pre-determined commission will be deducted and the share of the relevant restaurant will be paid.

- Voting & Comments
After the food order has been placed and the restaurant has marked that the order has been delivered, the user who placed the order has the right to vote and comment on the relevant restaurant. So users can reward the best restaurants.

- Favorites
By marking their favorite restaurants, users can reach them much more easily during the next order.

- Landing page
A beautifully designed landing page

-Responsive design
Fully responsive design

- 3 Different User Type
Admin, restaurant owner and standard user.

- Admin
With simple charts, restaurant, user and order numbers can be tracked.

Registered restaurants are not listed until approved by the admin.
A separate commission fee can be determined for each restaurant.

- Restaurants
You can add and edit products, or create menus from products. Order status can be updated or canceled on this page.

- Standart Users
Users can view their past orders
Users can keep multiple address records with different labels, listed restaurants are filtered according to the selected address.
The user cannot add products from more than one restaurant to the basket.

&Much More

Template Page

3- :family_man_woman_girl_boy: GroupBy - Group Buying App

Hybrid! Use it as a group by or as an e-commerce site!


- Create special campaigns
Create a brand new campaign by combining multiple products!

As the number increases, the price decreases!
Pricing system that may vary according to product sales targets.

- Ability to use only as an online store
Don’t you need Group buying? Or do you want to run a regular e-commerce business with Group buying? Whether you use them individually or offer two options to your users at the same time!

- Stripe
Ready with customer credit card storage feature

- Product management
Update products, delete, create campaigns, create gradual prices according to the number of sales

- Category and sub-category management

- User management

- Order management

- Responsive and beautiful design

Template Page

4- :money_mouth_face: Fairlance- Freelancing Platform

A perfect freelancing platform!


3 user types
-Admin, Freelancer, Standard User

-Fully responsive design



-Admin Panel

-Stripe ready

-Step-by-step job card creation

-Rating system


-Be a freelancer


-Mobile chat

-Create a job card

-Freelancer orders

-Job card


-Mobile categories

-User profile

Template Page

5- :shopping_cart: IPPLE- E-commerce Like Apple

I-PPLE is a Apple-like e-commerce web app. You can create your e-commerce shop ten times faster!

- Full responsive design
- Product listing page with filter
- Two special product page for overview and technical information
- Beautiful landing page
- Payment with Stripe
- Admin Page
- User orders history
- Product page with beautiful animations

Template Page

6- :hammer_and_wrench: Fix It - Questions and answers and detailed information!

Fix It! More than just a template! “Production ready” with 12 beautifully designed responsive pages

Find the fastest way to solve people’s problems!

With Fix it, users who have something they want to fix can ask questions, while other users can also discuss with each other while answering this question! Maybe they can create tips and share them with the world!

A clone of Fixya has a working system similar to Quara, it can easily evolve into different ideas! Production ready!


-Fully responsive

-12 pages

-Beautifully designed

-Admin and User side ready

-Categorization ready

-Privacy rules ready


Template Page

7- :video_camera: Easy V - Questions and answers and detailed information!

EasyV is a Video As A Service application (VaaS)! It allows users to easily create videos for all platforms! It has a great video editor and dashboard!

Create great videos in your app with wave.button integration!


-Fully responsive design

-Stripe Ready
Creating an annual or monthly subscription, canceling the subscription,

-Beautiful design integration and callback settings ready
After creating the video, you can save its duration, name, thumbnail and edit link back to your app!

-Admin dashboard

Template Page

All templates are well documented with in-app notes!

You can get these great templates for 20% off until 31 December 2020!
Coupon Code: KODSUZ

Do not hesitate to contact us for your questions and requests!

Stay safe and healthy!



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Do you have demo of admin dashboard for Groupby?

Hi @mikescullion

You can login as “admin” in all templates.

Please watch

If you have different questions, please don’t hesitate to ask


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