Templates should require well configured privacy rules

Templates are overwhelmingly used by new Bubblers. Still, many popular templates do not configure any privacy rules. Most users don’t even know what privacy rules are before they deploy their new template so template builders have a duty of care to include privacy rules on their template.

I’m curious whether there’s something I’m missing here. Are templates unable to configure privacy rules? Surely not

These templates are just some examples that by default expose user data, messages, conversations, order history… it’s irresponsible…

Examples of templates without privacy rules (at least judging by their demo):

Diwo - NFT Marketplace Template | Bubble (1.3K installs)

Ez Ecommerce CRM Template | Bubble (4.1K installs)

Taxi/Ridesharing likeUber Lite Template | Bubble (1.7K installs)

🚛 Shiply Logistics and Courier - New Template from Zeroqode (20 installs)

EDIT: the trigger for this post was me finding no less than 5 Bubble apps, some posted on this forum and some who I did app audits for, a couple of those having 6/7 figure VC funding leaving fully exposed databases with company and user data available to all…