Temporary switching app plans back to free - any issues in the future?

Temporarily planning to switch back to the free plan (currently using personal plan) → will this affect my app when I switch back to the paid plan in the future? (e. g hosting or api)

*app wont be used during the free period, I’m just concerned that if I switch back to my paid plan I’ll have to set up everything again.

Thank you for reading!

That’s a good question for support. I don’t know many people that have switched back.

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I did this once, in one of my projects.

With me, when I returned to the paid plan again, everything was already set up. However, it is worth mentioning that if in the current project you already have more than 200 data records (limit of the free plan) and that was my case, you will receive a message that you have reached the limit, whenever you access the app, but the excess data will remain there for when you switch back to the paid plan (for how long? I don’t know.)

Another thing will be your app’s domain, which if it’s currently customized, will throw back to bubble’s default.

But it is good to wait for other possible experiences of other users on this topic.


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Thanks for the response, does this mean you have to set up the domain again + any email hosting you used with bubble when you reupgrade?