About the new plans changes

I’ve using bubble with an hobby (legacy) plan for some time and deployed and used a live version of my app.
If i don’t make any change and stay in the free plan what happens to my data? Do i have to change to another plan before may 1st to maintain the data? or is it lost?
Thank you for your help.

Leonel Bernardo

Legacy apps, as in apps built before the announcement ,have until November of 2024 to migrate to the new plans

Even if you’re on a free plan, I don’t see bubble deleting your data as your current “free” plan is still technically a legacy plan and should be honored no matter what.

It’d be terribly unethical if bubble changed your data at all.

That’s also what i think Drixxon, but in the email that i received it’s not that clear, at least to me :slight_smile: , here´s what i received:

… We’re reaching out to you because one of your apps is currently on the Hobby plan, which will be deprecated on May 1, 2023. You have the option to either:

  1. Switch to an [existing pricing plan] of your choice. You can do this from within your app’s settings any time before May 1.
  2. Take no action and be automatically switched over to our [existing Free plan]on May 1. Important: The Free plan does not include access to a live version of your app.
    You will be able to remain on your chosen legacy plan until October 1, 2024. At that point, all apps will need to switch to one of our [new pricing plans](which include a more generous Free plan).

Oh wow

So the free plan you’re currently on is a legacy plan in and of itself, and to be switched to the current “free” plan would kill app functionality for you.

I read somewhere that people on paid legacy plans aren’t going to be booted off until Nov of 2024, however, as you’re on a technically free plan, idk if this applies to you.

The guy who was on a legacy professional plan emailed bubble back and forth because he was confused too, and support said he’d be fine