Temporary user data momentarily saving then disappearing

Hi, I seem to have an issue where when I have a temporary (logged out) user and make a change to their user profile field, in this case their address, the field momentarily is updated successfully (and you can see the data dynamically populated onto the page from the Current User profile field) but then almost instantly it is cleared out. Has anyone had similar issues with saving session data for logged out users? Any help much appreciated thanks.

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I have the same problem, have you been able to solve this? I’ve noticed it started appearing on July 27

@annae.novikova no I haven’t yet been able to solve this unfortunately; I submitted a bug report for it over the weekend which has since been escalated to an engineering team for investigation so I’m guessing that could be an indicator that it might be a Bubble issue as opposed to my user error (I’m new-ish to bubble so was expecting that to be the case!) - I’ll let you know here what the feedback is…

Thanks @philby

@annae.novikova fix has been released for this bug, seems to be working for me now :slight_smile:

hey @philby thanks, yep it seems to be working here as well :raised_hands:
Such a relief :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: