User Data Disappearing?

Hey guys, I have several application data line items within each user on my database for my web app. It was working fine until I added a few more items to each user.

For example, when someone first signs up within my app their subscription status is set as “no” but once they fill out their credit card info it gets changed to “yes.” I no longer can see that aspect in my app data settings in my web app. It use to be there when I was in the live mode, but it doesn’t any more.

Does anyone know if Bubble only allows a certain number of application data aspects to each user? My app is and I’m paying for the Personal pricing tier.


The data tab is notorious for not being accurately updated in real time. There’s no limit you’d be hitting, odds are it just isn’t showing.

Most of us end up building our own type of admin dashboard to view data accurately.


Ah that makes sense! Thanks Andrew.