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Terminate a Backend Workflow

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to terminate a backend workflow while it is running?
My setup is this:
the user uploads a csv via my bubble app and then a Scheduled API workflow is executed for each element in the csv file.
I would like to have to have a cancel button that if pressed terminates the backend workflow and the csv is not processed any further.

How can I implement this functionality? I have researched similar questions in the forum but nothing seems to fit my problem. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Thinking high-level:

  • create a thing csv-upload when the user triggers this workflow that has the needed information
  • make it recursive as it processes each elements of the CSV with the condition of only when this csv-upload's cancel is no to call the same workflow again.
  • when the user clicks on the cancel button, change that csv-upload's cancel to yes.
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