Terrible Whitespace After Deleted Reusable Elements

Hi, I deleted some reusable elements that I didn’t intend on using and it appears to have caused tons of whitespace between my current elements. I tried all the ‘collapse when hidden’ suggestions in the layout but it didn’t solve any issues. I also tried to see if any invisible elements were present and there are none. Any suggestions On how I could fix this? I’ve attached a screenshot.

Have you actually deleted the reusable element from your page?

After deleting reusable elements, if reusable elements have been used on a particular page, you should also delete the reusable element from the page where you placed it before. :slight_smile:

Yes, the element is no longer visible in this section (image attached). Is there another area where it could exist?

The element was previously used on the page but no longer appears on the page (see image attached). Where else should I delete it?

Hi @mark8555!

Here’s my guess based on what you sent.

Potential problem
A group the used to hold the reusable element has a set height or the page has a set height.

Potential Solution

  1. Check the dimensions for all the groups this reusable element was under AND the page.
  2. Make sure every group has “fit height to contents” checked under the elements Layout tab
  3. make sure the page itself is set to a min height of 0

Hope this helps!

Thanks Dillon - I tried these steps but looks like the problem persists. Any other ideas? Really appreciate any guidance you have, this problem is so frustrating.

No problem Mark! It’s tough to say, but this doesn’t seem like it would be a bug.

I can quickly dive in and see what’s going on if you share your editor link.

You are amazing! Thanks Dillion - just shared it via DM.

Found it!

Your “container” element is set to “align to parent”.

Change this to column, and remove the top margin from all the elements inside of it. This will cause everything to neatly stack on top of each other.

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AMAZING! Thank you Dillon - this solved it!!! Really appreciate your help here!

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You’re welcome! Happy to help!

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