Test plugins are not being installed on the authorized apps

I have a plugin testing for my own app, but when I add my app as a test app it is not installed on my app.

I can see the test plugin in the plugins list where all the bubble & community plugins are listed.

Here are the screenshots to give you more insight.

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I had issues adding a test plugin last night. Thought it was just me. Such a pain in the ass when to test you have to publish plugin updates, refresh and update the app, and then can you test your plugin updates.

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I’ve just opened a ticket on support because of this.

During my attempt, I’ve uninstalled the pluggins (the “uninstall” button works!), but to find out that the “install” doesn’t work afterwards… making my “test app” pluggin free until this is fixed!

Until it is solved, no new pluggin development for me…

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I wish I had that luxury. I’m on a deadline and have to finish the stupid plugin I’m working on today I think.

In any case I have done so much refreshing I am sick of seeing white screens, for real. I’ve done it so much that I’ve started to navigate away and forget to even come back to the page I’m working on which is also super annoying.

I just hope this gets fixed ASAP


You can create a copy of the plugin and make it a private one.

You can publish as many as you can.

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Yes, you can install it as “production/private”, but if you are in development, it is really annoying do work like that as you have to submit a new version for each step of developing… This is why there are “test” versions of the pluggin. Every change is automatic applied to the “testing” app.

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Did anyone submit a bug report?

The problem has been fixed by bubble engineers.


Thanks for the heads up!