Plugin not showing in my app

Hi, I am new to and I am experimenting issue with a plugin that a third party designed for me. In settings, I authorized it using my app’s ID. Yet, I can’t see it anywhere in my app. Do I need to update something else?

You need to install the plugin too. Go to plugin tab and click add plugin. It will probably be on top in the list of available plugins

It is not there either. Please note it is a private plugin.

Check with plugin author. He need to have published it as private license and added you to the authorized app. Make sure you give the correct app ID.

I have accessed to the plugin, and I have authorized the app as a private license.

In your app look at the “id” value in the URL bar. Most likely that’s not your full app is there might be numbers after the name

Click on submit a new version. You doesn’t seem to have published it yet.

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You were right! Thank you!!! very much that was the problem.