Test Preview with a future time on Macbook

Hi guys,

I am testing some functions which are time-sensitive.

So I manually set my Macbook time to a future time (sometime in September 2024)

However when I run the Preview on Safari , it gives me this (screenshot)

How yo guys usually test apps in another time setting?

Please advise and thank you so much


Your time setting won’t change anything.

Your time zone might. You can use an extension that allows you to change your browser’s timezone.

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You should be able to click “Show Details” and proceed ahead, or you can try using another browser.

That’s how I tested an app as well when I was testing an app built reliant on a future time

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Hi Johnny, I’ve clicked on Show Details → Visit This site. It didn’t work.

The site kept coming back to the same screenshot.

Then Bubble logged me out even if I changed the time back. LOL

I will dig around to see how to make it work. Thank you

Gotcha – I personally use Arc. I don’t use Safari, not sure if that makes a difference

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