Test Taking Plugin

Can anyone suggest a great plugin for exam/test taking? Or how to build such plugin. I need an interactive exam taker plugin for my bubble app.

Can you not just write it as part of the app? Rather than a plugin?


Yes I would love to write it as part of the app, but I am new to bubble and still learning if anyone can share tips on how to write the logic?

What sort of test is it i.e. multi choice?


very simple interface for a user to respond to various styles of questions single choice, multiple choice, no video response involved. and receive their pass mark on screen as well

If you make your app public and send me the link I will create you a quick example page for you. The hopefully you can use that to figure out the rest!


Thank you here you go:

Here you go - very basic

Thanks a lot, Ill start playing around how to make it better. Highly appreciated!

Hi Simon! This is very useful. Any chance you could also make the back end of this public so myself and others would be able to model after your example? Would be highly appreciated!



Unfortunately it wasn’t my app so I don’t have access to the backend. But if you have questions I maybe able to answer them?


Super helpful Simon, thank you. Two questions;

How do you get the specific text to segment next to the radio?
and how do you count that that specific answer is correct?

How did you actually sum up if the answers were right?

Not sure I understand the radio button question.

When they click on a answer check for the answer and set a state count

Q. What is the fastest land animal
A. Dog
B. Cat
C. Cheetah

User clicks C - run workflow check selected answer against Database if correct set state count=count+1

Then you can just show the state value to get number of correct answers

Ok. sorry for the confusion. So I have a quiz app that is pulling dynamic data from the picture below

I need to be able to run a score once the submit button is hit on multiple questions in the repeating group and funnel that into a text score next to the submit button.

You should be able to do it as I said - when they select their answer use a workflow on value change and check if the answer is correct and if it is keep a count in a state. The when they hit submit show the correct answer count in your box

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It looks like it is only doing it on the first questions, could this be an issue because im using a repeating group? I appreciate the help, been trying to solve this for about 6 hours today

PM me your editor link and I will take a look for you.

Refreshing the browser did the trick. Thanks