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Exam/quiz app help


Looking to build a simple quiz/exam app and i’ve looked through all the forum posts that are on here, but still confused on how to build it. There are mainly database structures on here, but they’re all different. If someone could quickly whip up a database and a small repeating group quiz/exam form that’d be greatly appreciated. Any help would be great!

This is something similar to what i’m looking for:

Just 3 radio buttons with 1 correct answer and a score system.

Try making the quiz with a repeating group and texts (or buttons) in each cell.

Let’s say you want to the cells be random every time, so, In your database you should have a list of options that will appear (put the first text as the right answer)

In the repeating group you search for these list of options:random
when the user click on a cell, you set a state ANSWER with this option (you can put conditions like icons, if this state is current cell, icon = checked)

when the user sends the answer than you have:
If state ANSWER is list of options:first item (directly from the database, not the random) → right answer
If state ANSWER is not list of options:first item → wrong answer

show them the right answer and stuff with conditions, when the user go next question, clear the states

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Thank you so much! Is there any chance you could make a little bubble site with all the things you said, just so could see it connected? My brain just does not want to understand how to connect the database with the repeating group. I’d be eternally grateful!

Create a database like “Quiz”
then inside this quiz you should create 2 things

  • Options (type: list of texts)
  • Title (type: text)

Create a group (type: Quiz) and search the Quiz you want to show to your user. (You can create the states of the answer in this group)

Inside this group, you create a text with “Parent’s Quiz’s Title”
and you create a repeating group with “Parent’s Quiz’s options:sorted” in this sorted you choose “random”

Inside each repeating group’s cell you create a text element with “Current cell’s option”
Then you set the workflows conditions so it can work

Thank you very much! Well i’ve gotten somewhere. I’m not sure if i’ve done it correctly. Either way i think i ran into an outside issue. Can i use radio buttons for this? I mean can they set the state somehow?

Also i would like for the radio buttons to keep their answer selected if the user comes back to the question but i don’t think that’s doable?

I have the same activity in my app hahaha,I don’t think radio buttons are good.
I use icons, that look like the radio buttons
If it’s not selected I use the icon “circle-o”
and I set a condition to “if current cell is state answer” → icon = “check-circle-o”
it works perfectly, and I can also change the color of the selected option

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I saw your app, I don’t know if it works, but maybe set a workflow:
When “radio button’s option changed” → set state → RadioButtons A’s Answer = RadioButtons A’s option

But I still think that working with icons and conditions is a better deal