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Text-based video editing like MilkVideo


I’m looking to create a web app where a user can upload a video (zoom, webinar, video file) and that video gets transcribed. I want the ability for the user to highlight text from the transcription and create a new shortened video clip from that highlighted section for export. Similar to how MilkVideo does it. (Milk Video).

Does anyone know of any API’s i can use to achieve this in bubble?

  • Transcribe video
  • Edit the video using text on the transcription
  • Create new video clips to export from transcription
  • Auto add subtitles to video
  • Add a progress bar
  • Resize for any social platform.
    - We’ll use Ayreshare for the automated social posting

Backstory: We run a productized agency. We interview clients through Zoom and then cut up the footage and post it on social media. We want to create a cheaper solution so we can reach a broader market.

Any help would be appreciated.


I plan to build similar functionality down the line. You are going to need two plugins. One is the videoJS plugin. It is the most powerful video editing plugin here and allows for subtitle creation using the Happyscribe API. For automatic transcripts you will need either this plugin which uses the Amazon Speech to Text API or this plugin which uses the Google Speech to Text API. You will also need to use any one of the free text editors to allow for editing transcripts/subtitles.

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This is great! Thanks for the suggestions.

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