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How to use Bubble When API does not offer GET and PUSH

Reference the Ziggeo plug-in for

Do you have further tutorials or example recommendations ?

I’ve been trying to understand how to work with capabilities beyond the Ziggeo plug in that you have as standard - it seems that only a small subset of elements of the Ziggeo API have been implemented (make a video, play a video) . I need to work with Ziggeo more closely.

Unfortunately I am not getting the information from them in the form of a clean GET or PUSH to interface with their API so that I can use the Bubble API Connector plug-in that you use in the ETSY example.

Ziggeo seems to think that the easiest way to interface with Bubble is to place Javascript calls somewhere on the page. (You may have already clearly shown how to do this but I have not yet gotten to that tutorial).

For example, I want to push the video file to an S3 bucket or to a YouTube channel via program (app) control, instead of the manual process from the Ziggeo control panel.

Hi Andy,

Thank you for following up here.

Strictly for S3, their suggestion seems to be the best route - their dashboard allows you to auto-push to uploaded videos to S3 (you only need to enter your S3 credentials once).

If you’d like to also push your videos to Youtube, I see at least three avenues:

  1. Ask them to/why they don’t automate that process - it’s currently done manually in a batch.
  2. You can use the video token returned from the player in Bubble to get the stream URLs (the actual video files at various resolutions) from their Server API and then use the YouTube API to post the video to YouTube.
  3. Use their webhooks in conjunction with our API (or other API tools such as Blockspring or Zapier or IFTTT) to get the video streams and post them to YouTube.

We certainly need to and will expand our Ziggeo plugin to return more data and be more capable. Until we do, the options above will should bridge the gap.

If there are more specific goals you have in mind, let us know.

Other users are welcome to suggest even more creative solutions.


Thanks George-

For example from Ziggeo docs

Can I use the visual element in Bubble to put a (non visible) section in the header as they recommend ?

and continue by inserting script such as


** var embedding = ZiggeoApi.Embed.popup({paramx: “value-x”, paramy: “value-y”});**
** **

which they recommend or is their another plugin we should use ?


If you haven’t check out this Ziggeo tutorial that showcases the full potential of the plugin as is. If that’s not sufficient, please describe what you are trying to do and we’ll work from there.

You can embed JS in the header via Settings,and in the body using the HTML component, but that’s usually risky and limiting.

George -

We are trying to find a way to create multiple pages for a user containing video players and retrieve that URL.

Some of the capabilities we would like to access also include such Ziggeo features as

1.The ability to enable/disable microphone and camera testing
2. Option to instruct Ziggeo to copy the video file to a specified AWS bucket, or upload the video to a YouTube channel without the manual review and approval at the Ziggeo control panel.

  1. Setting time to live for a given video (say 30 days, 10 days, etc)
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