Text- editor not showing the color black in Bold

Trying to get the word" Collab" in the color black in bold… i’ve set the color #000000 yet it shows me a faint yellow color, do not know how to fix please advice.

Check whether there’s another element overlaying it and distorting its color.

Check that in the property editor under the appearance tab to see if it’s 100, if not adjust it.

tried that

tried that, went over to the styles settings and set the text color to black, the under the property editor appearence tab it is only showing 100%. When i click on the black color to change text color to black it shows me a extremely light yellowish color instead.

Can you screen-record or record a “Loom Video” showcasing how you’d slove this thank you.

You can send me a call links instead let’s rectify it together if you don’t mind

We can do it over Zoom or discord which ever one works best for you?

What is your discord name?

Hurlar5593, or just send me a zoom link

your discord tag didn’t work,

here is the zoom link: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/85210627693?pwd=mN8aJxunl5cwNMUt2pSt4K0fu2iKQI.1

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia so i’m not too sure about the time difference how we’d make it work on zoom.

my discord username: guled23 try adding me

I have sent you a request…