My design editor has stopped showing dynamic colors

Not sure if this is a bug - so I’m posting in “Need help.” ((UPDATE - moved to “BUG” section))

The editor in my app has suddenly stopped showing dynamic colors.

If I preview the app the colors are still visible.

Is there a setting or something? :man_shrugging:t2:

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When you say “dynamic” you mean “a color that is saved in the database”??? If the color code is being pulled dynamically , Bubble needs to load it, that said, it needs to be “online” (preview or live).

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hey - thanks for the comment.
I’m using hex codes saved in an option set for my colors.

I’ve been building this app within the platform using dynamic colors like this for 6 months now. It has worked flawlessly - there is no need for me to switch to preview or live to see the colors.

Previously all my colors would render within the builder immediately. Including if I made a tweek to one of my hex codes - it would update dynamically everywhere within the builder.

This is a new issue.

Now - out of nowhere - all my groups within the builder with assigned background colors from my option set are suddenly white.

I will assumed you sent a bug report. Auto Refreshing seem to have some difficulties those last days.

Thanks John - no - I wasn’t confident enough to report it as a bug. I was wondering if I screwed up a setting somewhere.


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Try to undo from another date. If it work, you know you screwed up :sweat_smile:. Than put it back and try to find the bug.

That’s interesting - usually dynamic content is not rendered in the editor (how could it know which dynamic database entry or option set option to render?) - the only thing you see in the editor is the reference to it…

I’ve been building this app within the platform using dynamic colors like this for 6 months now. It has worked flawlessly - there is no need for me to switch to preview or live to see the colors.

Which one of your dynamic options (colours) were you seeing in the editor? How were you defining which one to see?

Having just tested this myself, when using dynamic colours (from an option set) no colour is shown in the editor, which is exactly what I would expect. Dynamic colours will only be shown on the actual page (preview or live) when there is a valid colour (option) being referenced…

I’m fairly sure it’s always been this way (as far as i remember anyway) - but maybe I’m wrong and they’ve recently changed it (and previously the editor would display some other colour? But which one? a random one from your option set? or what?).

In any case, if it’s working in the live rendered pages that’s all that matters, right?

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That was exatly what I was talking about… I never saw this behavior…


Thanks all. You have me wondering if I need to clarify what I mean by “Dynamic” colors. -I mean the hex codes are pulled from my Option Set using the “Insert Dynamic data” option.

This used to immediately show the data selection in the designer.
Are we all on the same page - or do people who think this shouldn’t work mean something else?



I just tested this in a previous incarnation of the site and it produces the same issue. All colors with hex’s applied using “Select Dynamic Data” - render as white.

This is new – something has changed in Bubble. :_(

I think we are all talking about the same thing. Just to record: nice ideia in your video!!! :+1:

Anyway, I always used dynamic colors in my apps and I never saw the color update/render in my editor, never. So I supose you are luckier than me :rofl:.

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Thanks for your input. See video I uploaded. the Bubble editor knows which color in my Option Set because I “get an option” - then select the Option set - AND the specific color I want. ((deeper than that into the inner workings of I can’t comment.))
Setting my back ground colors this way has always worked. rpetribu said he uses dynamic colors in his apps too - and they are not shown in the designer. :man_shrugging:t2:
I could understand the designer using white as a placeholder if the color is waiting for input from the user on the front end. But that’s not what’s happening. I just want to be able to change my colors in the future without having to track down colors that were entered Statically.

but also, I can’t imagine working in a “design” editor where my entire site is white. :open_mouth: (I understand I can see the colors by previewing the site) But I’ve spent many many months building this app and all the sudden my entire design screen is white.

it’s a nightmare.

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Yes, I agree with @rpetribu - I’ve never seen dynamic colours (or any other dynamic content) display in the editor, nor would I expect to…

But, I’ve never specifically done what you’re doing here (as far as I recall), so perhaps that’s why…

Anyway, if you were seeing data from an option set actually changing things in your editor before, and now you’re not, then obviously the way option set data is being pulled into the editor has changed - so maybe submit a bug report for this if you haven’t already (although I’m not sure it’s a bug, as it’s the behaviour I would have expected to see personally). But it might be worth getting Bubble’s explanation in any case…

But in the meantime, for your use case, maybe you could do what you’re trying to do using styles? Or even some custom CSS?

Thanks everyone.

This is a bit beyond this conversation, but I have to say - this plays to my fears of building something on a platform that is maintained/updated by others. (I’m not a coder and have loved -so I’m not complaining… overly)

Using my colors in an option set has allowed me to apply them to almost ALL my elements in my site. Previously I could change the hex for “dark blue” and it would change all the elements - of all types, at once.

Repeating groups,
Floating groups,
Pop Ups,

You get the idea.

How many styles would it take to simulate what I can currently do by changing one hex code in one spot?

I’m wanting to start my pilot, like now, it’s scary to think that bubble might suddenly expect me to completely revamp my site by switching how color is applied to all my elements. (there must be hundreds)

I’ll see what bubble says but no matter what - this has killed my production until it’s resolved. erg.

As I said, I loved you idea and I would change all my projects if it works some day! :raised_hands: But if the color don’t renders in the editor, it is almost useless, because you will always be working with a blank screen. Sadly, now you have a giant mess to organized and I don’t even know how to help you. :neutral_face:

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