Text element cut off, issue related to image dimension attributes

I’ve experienced a bug where either loading from a database entry or simply using a text element, the content gets cut off on the height and will clash with other elements below. The text element has quite a few images embedded inside the text element, this is where the issue is occurring. The issue/bug seems to be on and off, sometimes on page load it will fit in and other times not, but more on the side of not rendering correctly.

I noticed that it could be an issue with the images, as using just plain text isnt an issue. As a workaround I made sure that all the image sizes where specified with the height and width dimensions e.g.
From: [img]https://s3.amazonaws.com/appforest_uf/f1543323478223x181724856840446600/step1.png[/img]
To: [img=181x227]https://s3.amazonaws.com/appforest_uf/f1543323478223x181724856840446600/step1.png[/img]

This fixes the issue - when you specify the dimensions like the example above.

Screenshots for context below:

Above rendering not displaying correctly

Above rendering displaying correctly

I’ve reported the bug to the Bubble team and they are on the case. I will report back with any updates and fixes - but thought it might be useful to post here in case someone runs into something similar.


Thanks for sharing this, I had this same issue in the past with a Blog CMS I made. It wasn’t an urgent project and was intermittent enough that I never brought it up to the team - hopefully it gets fixed soon :+1:

Yeah happy to do so and hopefully if anybody has the same issue and searches in the forum they will come across this post.

Yes I was in the same boat, happens on occasions. I believe the Bubble engineers are on the job :wink:

Will report back in due time.

Thanks @Bubble, all tested and bug fixed. Nice work.

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