Text element isn't displayed

How is it possible?
How to solve it?

In design all is OK:

But in Preview Text element is empty in html:

Though Inspector shows correct value.

Probably it’s the height of the text
Or the line spacing

Thanks, Ali
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Text element height is 50px. Font is 16px.
It is clearly visible in designer

Can you provide the link to the editor? Can have a quick look

Not true. The inspector clearly shows there’s nothing inside the div and that its CSS width property is zero. I’d suggest double checking your element hierarchy and data sources.

More than likely this is due to the characters within the Text. I would check your browser’s language settings. Not sure if Bubble has multiple language support either, so that could be the issue.

EDIT: Check the language tab on your settings.

I’d guess this is a privacy issue. Often when the HTML is empty, it’s because the privacy setting for “everyone else” isn’t allowing the current user to view this field.

@dungeon_master @samnichols
No and no.
It is ‘App Font - Applied to all elements using App Font as their font family in styles.’ bug in Styles.
Some fonts applied to this constant works, some - not.
Not-working fonts in this constant, nonetheless, works ok if set em in styles directly.

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