Text Element expanding outside of Group

Hi - I have a text element embedded in a group that isn’t respecting the boundaries of the group. Clicking on the text element starts a workflow that hides the text element and shows another text element within the same group but with more text - basically, a way to implement a “Read More” function on the page for a block of text.

In the past, the larger Text Element that appeared would push the group border down, but now the larger Text element is expanding beyond the boundary of the group and covering content below it.

I’ve updated my Bubble version to the latest one, and cleared all history, cookies and cache.
Did a setting in Bubble change for Text elements embedded in Groups? I’ve used this method in the past on other pages. It was working but not anymore.


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Same issue here. On chrome mobile only so far.

Same issue. In many groups throughout my app.

Submitted a bug report for this…

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