Repeating group : Expand the element text

Hi eveyrone,

I am sure it is very simple to do it. I tried to find on the forum how to expand a Text Element in a repeating group, but I did not find.

I am creating a clone twitter for my job and to improve myself.
When I publish a long Tweet, if the numbers of characters are too many and I post, the tweet is not published in the repeating group (the feed) because I think the number is too much. Below is my element appearance for the repeating group.

Below the Layout for the repeating group

Below the appearance for the Text element

Below the layout for the Text Element

How could I program to allow the text element expand and publish the tweet correctly ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Change “cell’s container layout” from “fixed” to something variable like “column”. Also you have “edit me…” still in the text box if I’m not mistaken, that should be “current cell’s test’s [text]”. Let us know if that fixed it!

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Hello Duke,

I tried in all different Cell’s container layout:
Align to parent

But it does not work. With the :
Align to parent : We can see all the text because but it eats the element text below
Column and Row : We don’t see the text anymore

How could we fix it ?

Thank you

Right, so what you need now is a combination of rows and columns that works for your design. As you pointed out, align to parent is not responsive and the overflow will cut off other children of the AtP group. Fixed is also not responsive, and will be the same height and width in pixels always.

Column and row are responsive and will work with your min/max widths to make sure the elements stack properly when possible.

If you make the rg cell “row”, the background in light red in the picture, this should work for your design. The other red groups being “rows” and the yellow group being “column”, then you put in the text/image elements. Let me know if that makes sense.

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Okay, I am trying Thank you so muh for the following!
And i am back to you :slight_smile:

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@duke.severn Just to be sure:

  1. Backgroup Red light = RG Row
  2. Yellow Group inside the RGroup : in column
  3. Red group in row inside the Group in column and inside the RG : in row
  4. Text/image element inside the group in row inside the Group in column and inside the RG in row

Right ?

I’ll just build it. Give me a moment.

How’s this?

You should be able to work out the different responsive settings from there.
Pay special attention to gap spacing, padding, margins, and the adjust width to content and adjust height to content settings. Good luck!

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IT WORKS !!! IT F****** WORKS !!!

I don’t how to thank to you but Thank you so so so much!
It is late in here but tomorrow I will do the nice design, sit and take the time for understanding the logicial :slight_smile:

I finish my app and I will follow a training :slight_smile:

Thank you again !!

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