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Text element position not the same in Editor and Preview mode


In a brand new app, I have placed a text element as far right as I can in the editor screen…

In preview mode, this is placed at most in the centre of the page, why is that?


Have you checked in the responsive debugger? It might be a setting

It has to do with the way your responsive settings are set up. There is a good video in the documentation section regarding responsive design. Use the link below and go to the area labeled “Understanding Responsive Settings”

thank you both @raymond @mtruhan

it did have to do with the element settings.

so far I’ve worked under the old non-responsive environment and since it is now set on by default it takes time to get used to.

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On this topic of the responsive view, has anyone had any issues with being able to see objects within tabs in responsive mode?
I have a page that is primarily tab driven, however I cannot see any objects when I go to responsive mode so I’m kind of winging it.

Is there something I should be aware of with tabs and responsive mode?