Text element scrolling when overflows

Hi guys I just need a quick help. I would like to that my element to be able to scroll in case the contents overflows. I saw some videos on youtube where they explained it but for some reasons I don’t have all those check boxes in the appearance and layout bars
if anyone can help it would be really much appreciated

Hi @gabrielegerbi,

An easy way to do this is to put the text element in a group. Give the group a maximum height and do not set a maximum height for the text element (or give it a maximum height larger that that of the group). Also don’t forget to set “Allow vertical scrolling when content overflows” for the group.

As an example:

  1. Add a group to the page, make sure it has a maximum height and activate “Allow vertical scrolling when content overflows”:

  1. Add a text to the page and give it these settings for instance + add enough text that the content “overflows”:

  1. Result, scrollable text:


Hope this helps,

MVP Design

Thanks mate appreciate it

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