Text fields running calculations are not visible

Hey all, I have a reports page that runs a lot of calculations for various clients. For some reason when I switch the client I want to run reports on, some of the fields of the report that calculate the numbers become invisible. Below is an example:

If I refresh the page and load this report with this same client, this is no longer an issue. It seems to only happen (somewhat randomly) as I switch which clients I filter by. I thought it might be an issue due to the amount of data being searched but given that it’s not an issue when you refresh the page, I’m beginning to think that this is not the issue. Any suggestions?

So, Both your conditions fail (I’m not sure what those conditions would be if it was true) but by default This Element is Visible is set to no, So since you don’t have any valid Conditions and the visibility is No, then it’s blank.

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