Icons in text field. How? can i do material icons?


I am trying to get icons added to a text field
i can add only standard fa icons view comment below

What is the best way to do it? So I can change colour too? NOT standard icons?

Is it possible to do with MATERIAL icons?

works with rich text editor

something like
but that’s standard icons.

how do i achieve it with other icons?

Using Font Awesome 4.7 icons with with [fa] [/fa] tags is the only way to put icons in text right now. If your icon is the end of the text and then you can just put a regular icon, picture or etc. at the end and group the text and the icon together.

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any idea how do i make them move together in this instance? I group them doesn’t seem to work

also do you know by any chance when using link in a text field, how am I able to change it to a text of my choosing?

Basically I use dynamic database entry, but it looks ugly like htps//websitename.com/) how would i change it to something like View Website?

For the links, you need to use BB code in your saved database entries. You can see the correct formatting if you make a link with the rich text editor.


As for the moving together, it depends on exactly what you are trying to get your text and icon to do. Can you show a screenshot of what you want vs what is actually happening?

Thank you for helping me out!

so i did the text like you did, but instead of writing a link I used dynamic link from the database, it isn’t working though, how would i do it? hmm


with the icons, i am usign icons in text elements atm so nothing to show atm as I redid it recently.

i just figured it out

i used a link element instead! also able to add icon as [fa] there so it works well :slight_smile:

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