Text not calculate a result

I am desingning a site were we have a lot of companies, and a lot of sales of each company (date by date). I have to make a system that shows the increase or decrease between the two dates that the user defines.

The problem is that Bubble cannot calculate the result of that (I need to make Sales t2 / Sales t1; -1). Bubble reads the / like a text (and so, not calculate the result). How can I solve it?
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Hey @realtimb6 :wave:

After you choose precio, is there an option to convert to number?

If you have the data field as a number, you won’t have to convert it. You would just see the mathematical signs if it’s a number field type. Text data fields don’t show the math signs unless you convert them to a number.

Let me know if you can find it. :blush:

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Hi @J805

Precio its a number field type. What can I make is formatte as: Number. I had done it, but didn’t solve the problem.

I structured the data in the following way: two datatypes.

  1. Company: (that has a field name-text; and list of cotizaciones-cotizacion)
  2. Cotizacion: (that has a field company-company; date-date; precio-number)

Each company has a lot of different cotizaciones; and each cotizacion has: a company associated, a date, and a sales/precio.

I don’t know why it doesnt work

So in your screen shot you are actually showing a list of precios, do you want the sum of them? Or just the first item? I think the division sign doesn’t show up because it’s a list.

If you are looking for the sum, try this.

Click precio, then choose more, then choose sum. Then you should get the / symbol you need after that.

Excellent @J805 !

It worked thank you so much.

It is a list; and I filtered the cotizaciones list with the company and date. What I was needing is to make the sum.

You are great! thank you so much

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Awesome! Glad that helped! :blush:

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