Text press and hold down

When we press and hold down text, we’re asked to copy or cut it… How can this be avoided in mobile applications?

You can put a group in front of the elements you don’t want to be selected.

For example, these text fields have a group:

In front of them:

Group A has 100% width and 100% height. But you can make it cover wherever you want. It should probably we either fixed layout or align to parent though to put things on top of eachother.


It is not working

On each text element try setting them to isn’t clickable

yes i did, but it still did not work

What do you mean it is not. I tested it in a demo and saw that it is working. Probably your text is not behind the group.

Hergin’s suggestion should work. Make sure that the group is in front of the texts

ok, so if I understand correctly, I’ll put a group next to another group containing texts that I want to make unclickable.

And make the group fixed or align to parent

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