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Disabling text selection on mobile?


Is there some way to disable the text selection ?

On mobile the scrolling gets sometimes confused with text selection which decrease the experience…

If this cannot be done, it would be a nice addition :slight_smile:

thanks !

One way to do this would be to add a group above the text and make it completely transparent. This way users can’t interact with the text.

That said, I’d be careful about preventing users from being able to select the text since user’s expect to be able to select it, copy/paste it, click links within it, etc. You know your users and the use cases for your product best, of course, so use your judgement.

I am not sure how I could ensure that the group stands above the text. When there is no clear group inclusion in parent element, the z axis ordering seems to be random depending on the phone.

Thanks for your answer !

In Bubble, the z index is based on which element you put on top or behind the other. So, for example, you could create a transparent group and select “move to front” and that’ll change the z index so it’s in front.