Text size limit is 36

Hello. I’m working on page design and I noticed that when I write text in the text element, the text size doesn’t go past 36. Can I go bigger in text than 36

Hi @robertoquinonez33 :slight_smile: Yes, you can highlight/delete the current font size and type-in a size larger than 36.

Hello. Thanks for the response. I tried but the text visually doesn’t go past 36.

Hmm, Can you share a link to your app? I just tested and am able to adjust the sizing over 36, and have it show in preview mode:



Thanks @fayewatson. Actually, your response and images help me sort it out. The text editor wasn’t showing below the “styles” the options to edit the text. So happens that in the styles input i had a style selcted. When I removed the style the options came back. Thanks


Ohh, got it! No problem at all! :slight_smile:

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