How can I change the size, color and font of text?

I feel like I have seen a lot of tutorials where all the text editing options are right there visible on the tray but on mine the most I can edit it is where it says style “body” which gives like 6 different size options. No other fonts show up, no colors, not even the size shows up? Not even bold, underline, italic as usual text editors show up. Is this normal? Is there something I need to do and install or is this a bug?

At the moment your text element is using the style ‘Body’.

So to edit the size and font of the text, you can either click ‘Edit Style’ to edit the style ‘Body’, or if you’d rather just edit the size and font for this particular element without editing the body style, click ‘Remove Style’ then you should see all the usual text style options within the properties window.


thank you<3

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