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Good afternoon, group, I have seen many people around the world no-code looking for ways to create an app identical to Uber, however, until today I have not seen any that had been successful … it was then that I decided to embrace this challenge 4 months ago and today I can say that I arrived in a model very well accepted by the market (although I didn’t have any help with design :sweat_smile:)

AT LAST … I hope you like it! haha

Presentation Video (subtitled)

User Application

Partner Application

I am from Brazil and I am open to new societies:

Whatsapp: +5516981415210


Well done. I wish you all the success


Very impressive.

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Great work!!


Thanks so much budy :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hard work too :sweat_smile:

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What are the tools you used to put it on mobile platform ? Is it a simple wrapper ?

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I used this service:

I bought a template from zeroqode to create an app like uber eats or doordash. Works great and I have no complications and have been adding on and editing it to better suit our businesses needs.


How many capacity unit could this app need if support ~10k users

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How you customised the Google maps ?
Like adding different icons and creating routes ??

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I bought a template from them too (Ridely), but the dynamics of the template’s operation is very plastered and nothing like the original Uber.

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Unfortunately I am still at the beginning of the disclosure of the app, I didn’t have enough data to test the system’s capacity.

Plugin Google Maps Extended

Muito bom, cara! Well done! :slight_smile:


I approve of your profile pic lol :+1:


Yeah that’s why I been updating it adding my own features. I and my business part working on getting it popular

Congrats on the launch!

Did you ever experience issues with the “Google Maps Extended” plugin?

I have no problem setting it up in my application, sometimes it just doesn’t work and errors out on page load.

There are a couple threads discussing the issue, but no one has delivered a solution. Maybe you know something that could help?