The effect of domain masking

best bubble users,
I have a question. I bought a template and I’m rebuidling and reorganise some things and linked it with a button at my site. I want to install a paywall but after everything is ready I want the url of bubble is hidden. I want to use domain masking but will domain masking chance anything? Or stays everything the same behind the scene comparable with a backend workflow? Do I have to wait till everything is ok with the paywall and then mask the url? ps: ( i can’t use the url of my site becouse the server isn’t strong enough for my bubble app)
I would use index.html or HTacces. Wich one to choose?
Stijn from Belgium

Did you ever masked a url from a bubble app? Do you know where to start?

You can add a custom domain once upgraded to a paid plan

I have a personal plan. Is that possible? I have a custom name but it’s hosted with bubble so Im afraid Bubble will keep showing up in my url

domains? in settings?

Where can I find domains? In settings in Bubble?

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Nice project @anon70120467, loads really fast on my end. Are you launching commercially?

no no just a hobby for now

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