Domain Masking / Stealth Forwarding

Any reason why Bubble doesn’t allow domain masking (stealth forwarding)?

Just got a message saying: “bubble has rejected the connection.”

Is this to prevent users from using the free plan + adding their own domain?

Kinda bummer when using it for different purposes like a SaaS without the need to use SaaSAlias.

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Same boat. This is really important. Anyone figure out a way of doing this?

Note that this is a key requirement:

If we have multiple domains pointing to same app, how can we do a cloaked/shadow fwd with path forwarding so URL always shows instead of ?

Anyone here that could help me @akalati out? :slight_smile:

I’m doing this right now with two domains and having no connection issues.

The issue I am having is that the page size coming from the domain is much larger than the page size from using the Bubble URL. So my page looks tiny on a mobile phone. Still debugging this.

have you figure out this , seems mobile version is not revoked.