The Fan in my MAC is on fire!

Sorry, I thought I mention it since it’s getting worse. The more I use Bubble the more my MAC turns hot (not in that kind of way ;-)). The air fan is on fire. What is going on Bubble? I only have one editor window open. And I’m hardly doing anything, just changing text inside a box. Anyway to improve this? I’ve opened and closed Chrome and opened and closed the Bubble editor but after a few minutes it just keeps on going…

I’ve found that editing a Bubble app on a mac with less than 32GB of Ram is difficult. Chrome will eat all of my ram and put stress on the system. If you are using dual monitors, it will also put some stress on the graphics card. I’ve seen this issue on a regular basis with older Macs. How hold is your Mac?

I agree, those fans can really work hard.

You can manually turn off the error checker using the parameter (have a quick search on the forum for the string), but hopefully when the error checker runs server side this will drop the RAM usage significantly :crossed_fingers:


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I agree with @josh10. If you have a Mac with 4 GB of memory it’s going to be really hard to use Bubble. Hopefully with the improvements over the next few weeks it should get better.

In the time being you can remove the error checker to speed things up a little bit. Have you tried that yet?

To remove the issue checker you should be able to just add this to the URL:


Hope that helps! :blush:

@luke2 and I had the same idea! :slight_smile:



They’re working on moving the issue checker on the server-side to make the editor lighter.


I haven’t had this behaviour of my fan in the last few months. I have tried to add “&issues_off=true” but this doesn’t make things better.

There is also an issue with the editor. It stalls for a few seconds everytime you come back to the page. Fro example if I view the result of my website and then comeback, the first thing I see is a white blank page and then after a few seconds it starts to load . This behaviour is really slow. I’ve only noticed it in the last 1 week.

Maybe submit a bug report then. If you can pinpoint when it started happening this is good for Bubble to see. Then they can check to see what update that they pushed at the same time that could have caused the issue. If it is consistent, I would consider doing a screen recording of the issue when you submit the bug. :blush:

Haven’t had any issues (knock on wood). I use either chrome or firefox on an older PC, 8 gb, windows 8.1, dual monitors.

If your mac is older, it may be over-heating if too much dust has accumulated inside. Some tips here:

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@mangooly I have experienced similar things with the blank editor page after previewing the site, etc. Oddly, my editor has gone from a crawl to blazing fast to normal all within a short time period while working in the same tab as well lately.

It’s very strange, it comes and goes. Currently I am doing the same work and the fans have gone quiet again.

Same here. Jumps up and down. If I have a video tutorial playing in Chrome while editing, it will crawl down to snail speed.

Perhaps emptying cached data for every site with “” in it would give you a fresh start?


That’s really odd, 8 GB is just fine.

@mangooly I had an issue with dust inside my Mac, blocking the airflow and mainboard components were overheating.

Another test could be using Opera, I didn’t find any incompatibity with the Bubble editor so far, started using it 2 months ago.

Thanks @csfalcao,

My MAC has 16GB of RAM. I’ve used other real tough software like photoshop and I’ve never had a problem. It definitely has something to do with Bubble as it comes and goes. You can’t really pin point to the exact problem. Sometimes I have 5 Bubble screens opened and there is no problem so I really can’t say. Bubble should have a look at it.

Hello Martin @mangooly

I’m using an 8GB MacBookPro. No problem with the fan (99.5%). You need to look at the CPU resources of your Mac under “Activity Monitor”. If Bubble takes juice, you will see and can report it with the graph. A kind of “loop” of a resource is probably the cause.

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Thanks @JohnMark,

Next time it happens I will do this and send it to Bubble.

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