Best computer set up for optimum Bubbling

Hi Everyone,

Every 3 or 4 hours of working in Bubble my browser always becomes slugging and then crashes. It’s rectified by simply restarting the browser so not a huge issue but it can be annoying.

Questions: Does this happen to other people? Anyone know what causes it and Anyone found any way round it?

Wondering if i upgraded to faster computer would it resolve?

My system set up below - running chrome


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I am always struggling with this, my computer is older than yours though. I think memory is a big help, 8gb is prob not enough. That’s just my opinion though. Mine is a MacBook Air…way too slow for my needs.

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Hi @dom1,

If you’re using Chrome, just close the tab and open it again. It erases the memory. Normally, having the same as you, when Bubble reaches 1.5gb, it’s time to close the tab. Then it rolls like a charm. To find out how much memory you are rendered, use Chrome’s More Tools - Task Manager.

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I agree with @J805. The more RAM, the better. Also, make sure you’re running the latest OS and browser (that your machine can handle). Also, upgrade your hardware if you can justify It. :wink:

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Ya, most new Macs you can’t even upgrade the memory anymore. I know I can’t on mine. Boo.


I develop on a 32GB, i9 Macbook. Even though I never busted the RAM, the editor still ends up slow and laggy. A simple close/reopen tab fix it. Annoying but viable.


+1 for regular refreshing.
Try adding &issues_off=true to your URL to shut off the issue tracker

Experiencing lag and slow performance generally isn’t a hardware limitation. Having a rock solid internet connection also seems to help since there is a lot of i/o between the editor page and the bubble servers, which absolutely affects performance.

I live in a dense urban area and with prevalent WiFi interference and I’m sure the lost packets take their toll on latency and the near-instant performance I expect (think online gaming not netflix). I have gotten in the habit of using a wired ethernet connection. And I swear it helps :slight_smile:

FYI Safari does have significantly better JS performance in certain respects on MacOS. I’ve found it to be a bit quicker with some of the larger single page apps I’ve constructed. Still, I find myself in chrome a lot.


Thanks! Good to know i’m not the only one refreshing the browser every few hours.

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Setting the issues tracker off works for me.

It isn’t about the machine … when out I use a Chromebook to doing bubbling !


thanks @NigelG

I had a stroke of luck and bought a used 128GB RAM Mac Pro at a good price, (yes, that’s more than I need). That’s just a ridiculous amount, which should Bubble me into eternity and back. With that, I have two computers: that one, and a Macbook Air 8gb, so easy to compare.


  1. Having more RAM does make the editor a lot easier to live with, but…
  2. …it can still become somewhat sluggish, and it still crashes a few times per day in Chrome.

The main difference is, on the Air, I have to restart Chrome about four times per day, as it’s so sluggish I basically can’t get anything done. On the Mac Pro I sometimes choose to restart as it does speed it up a bit.

The overwhelmingly most efficient tip for keeping the editor running smoothly over time is to keep the number of editable elements and workflows low by placing them inside reusable groups. It does add some headaches to communicate between the reusables, but it makes a world of difference on editor performance.


This is so true. After a couple of hours Bubbling you know its time to close and open that new tab for fresh speediness.


I NEVER considered that as a solution to the issue.

That could be considered a significant understatement. :wink:

Its one of those things, that could cost you weeks of time to rework if you wind up building complex reusable elements that don’t have the proper architecture to allow for that communication.


It’s true, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not confident you know how to plan it well. It’s a trade-off for sure, like many things.

Still, working with complex one-page apps where elements and workflows can grow into hundreds or more, the difference in editor responsiveness in my experience is night and day, so I think it deserves a mention. I dare say some pages I’ve found more or less impossible to work on without it.


I’m certainly getting there on one of my SPAs. :slight_smile: I’d guess that if you are at that point, you’ve probably got enough of a command of bubble (and in this situation I would say you’d need a lot) to make that work well for you without burning your time. I may actually do this myself!

The forums are a wealth of knowledge, but I would have wished as a novice while while reading, that I understood (or had explained) a bit more more of the context and implications of some of these ‘best practices’ that I read about before setting off down the road of of say building reusable elements into my SPA design to only realize way down the road that I was being strangled by the approach.

Bubble can be surprisingly unforgiving with some of these design approaches where when you get to the end you realize you have little recourse to correct them and are forced to redo a lot of work.

Amen to that. Creating is a breeze, correcting is a pain… and the lessons that have stuck the most with me are those who have been accompanied by cursewords, long hours and cans of Red Bull…

To finish off the reusable discussion, Gaurav’s BDK plugins have been helpful, especially the EnvVariable plugin, which allows for global variables, and the IfThen plugin, which can auto trigger a workflow based on a set of conditions. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but they make it a lot easier to share info across nested reusables etc.

Sorry to highjack your thread @dom1

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This would be a great thread to start. The reusable elements are real important to keep the speed of your app at a reasonable level and save you a lot of money in the long run as well.

@petter, if not done already, I suggest you open a thread to talk about it and maybe give an example to those that don’t know how to do it. :+1:

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I use a Pixelbook i5 with 8 gigs of RAM (base model).

I figured that if I’m going to be working in Chrome all the time, I should look for the most pure implementation of it. Chrome on Chrome OS has not disappointed. It’s crazy fast!

I do have to restart the browser sometimes when it gets bogged down but that only happens once or twice a week working 30-40 hours a week.

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Sure, I can jot down a chronicle of my painful mistakes :slightly_smiling_face: traveling right now, but I’ll look into it when I’m back if people are interested.


I think it also depends a lot on the size of you app you are creating.

If it’s a small app with a few pages, not a problem. If it’s a large one page app, it gets crazy slow.

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