"The input should not be empty" feature not working

I have a page with a bunch of popups and every popup has a dropdown or text input. Apart for these popups, there’s one more text input on the page that is outside these popups. And then there’s a submit button that runs a workflow to store all the data in the database. Now all these inputs and dropdowns are set to “The input should not be empty”. But whenever I click on the submit button, it is running the workflow, even though the inputs are empty. Only throws an error when the text input that is outside the popups is empty. Please help me with the issue guys.

Can you share some screenshots of your popups, inputs, and workflows?..

Basically, this will not work when inputs are in a popup. That’s all. So, you’ll have to track those states yourself. No big deal.

This is the input inside popup

This is another inside a different popup

This is the page (with all the popups and 1 text input outside)

And this is the workflow. I have highlighted the inputs i showed in the images.

As I said, it only throws error when “shipping location” is kept empty.

So it’s a glitch from bubble’s end ?

Hey @ sethilashkay, whenever apply the conditions in only when create a account this dropdown value should not empty than flow run and dropdown value is empty to show alert message.

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put a condition on the button that says “when the input is empty or the dropdown is empty” the button isn’t clickable. You can also add some UI styling conditions to the input and dropdown elements. when this element is empty the border colour is Red

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It really is as simple as Keith said, @sethilashkay… it just doesn’t work with popups. You can call it a glitch if you want, and based on Bubble’s own documentation, you would have a right to do so because the input is part of a workflow that is using its content, so Bubble should prevent that workflow from running when the input is empty. But it doesn’t, and that’s that.

The above being said, is a series of popups really the best user experience in this case (or really ever, for that matter)? I mean, if I was a user of your application and I clicked the submit button and nothing happened because an input that is buried in one of a half-dozen popups isn’t filled in, I would be pretty ticked off. So, even if the This input should not be empty setting did work with popups, I don’t think you’d want to use it because the user experience would be less than ideal, in my opinion.

Anyway, just some food for thought there… best of luck with your project.