BUG - "This input should not be empty" not working anymore!

Noticed today that the property “This input should not be empty” is not working anymore. Already reported as bug. Also have confirmed with other developers. Is this for everyone??

Can someone from Bubble check? It affects LOTS of apps in production.

I can’t reproduce. I created a page with one input field and one button. The button creates a thing using the input value, and it remains disabled until a valid value is entered.

If you submitted a bug report, that’s exactly what they’ll do.

If you have lots of apps that are impacted, you did the right thing by reporting it.


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Thank you, already reported as a bug. For me, still the same behavior. The input is set as “This input should not be empty”, and still it’s not validated, the action goes through. :frowning:

What exactly does the workflow do?

I’ve noticed that if the workflow actions are purely client-side - i.e. don’t use the value server-side (such as in a DB operation for instance) - then the validation doesn’t occur for me. I don’t know if that’s how it behaved before though.


Thank you Steve. I made this test using the Input data, and as you said, the validation works. I don’t know if this was the behaviour before too… but it makes sense. When I found it was a bug, it was because I tested only to display a pop up if the validation was ok (if the input was not empty), but I was not “using” the input data on this action, so the validation didn’t work. At least I am happy I won’t have problems with the applications in production. Thank you again

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