The options of the "Option Sets" do not appear to choose

I have an “Option Sets” that has the following options: TipoMaquinaOS

I created a Custom State and assigned its type to this Option Sets that I have.

However, the option to choose values from the Option Sets does not appear, Bubble is not recognizing it.


I believe this to be a bug.

isn’t in “other data sources”?



sorry, I see now… try “Get an option”


Bubble interprets it as an error. The issue is, the options were supposed to appear for selection as soon as I clicked to proceed with the logic.

It doesn’t show anything when you click in “Get an option”? It usually appears every option set

It shows “Display,” but if I select the data type that will be returned, it will be of text type. The “TipoSelected” variable is of the “TipoMaquinaOS” type.

@sistexvalue… your setup looks correct to me, and you are right, you should be seeing the option set’s options after the is operator. There might be a bug, but I am not seeing the same thing on my end, so I don’t know why it’s not working for you. You could maybe try deleting the custom state and setting it up again, but if the issue persists, you should probably submit a bug report so Bubble support can take a look at your app. You could also consider sharing a read-only link to your editor so we can poke around under the hood a bit and see if we can find something you are missing.

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