The plugin is in test mode and the current app is not the registered test app

The plugin is in test mode and the current app is not the registered test app.
This is the third time I’ve encountered this problem.
Twice there was no access to the plugin for several hours.
And today it happened again.
Actually the plugin is registered in the test application and
everything was fine and the plugin worked fine in this test application. I didn’t change anything, but suddenly the plugin stopped loading in the test application again. I tried changing test applications, but it doesn’t change anything. I get an error.

I don’t understand what’s happening and what can be done about it.

Hey! I’m experiencing the same issue. I recently changed the test application but reverted it to the original one. The issue persisted. Have you raised a bug report?

I might do that.

Thank you for your response.
No, I didn’t write a bug report. And now I checked and lo and behold, the plugin works again in the test application. Bubble may have tinkered with the code a bit.
I think that everything should already work for you (or will work soon)

Uhmm, still not working. I’ll test again later today and open a bug report if it continues to fail.
Thanks anyway! =)

This issue happens when I copy elements or actions over (copy & paste) from one plugin to another. You have to remake the action/element. I duplicate it again after I had copied it from another plugin, then delete the copied one. Usually fixes my issue.

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This will happen if you change the test app name at all. I use two apps to test on so i have to do this all the time.

Say you have 2 test apps.

When you change the test app from app-1 to app-2, your test app will still show under the plugins page for app-1, but renamed: “Removed Plugin (random_id_current)”

You need to uninstall this Removed app from app-1 to get the test app to work on app-2.


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@GH5T @mulcahy Thanks for the help, really!

In my case, I think it was due to changing the app for testing, and the “Removed Plugin…” was still in the first app’s plugin list. I removed it, and now it is working fine. I hope this post helps others who might face the same issue.

Thanks again!


Yes, i add this issue too because we where two people on the plugin (via the authorized developper option)

Be careful to delete the test plugin on every app every time you change the authorized app and/or you change the name, (even when you have “removed plugin” on you app)