The same one List value store to many child Task's

Dears Bubblers,
maybe some simple case but I need your help with one to many idea.
How to save value from parent List into everyone child (Task):

Values marked as yellow.
Any solution is very welcome.

So the duration is a value of the parent somewhere (let’s say durationGlobal)?

If this is the case, you can make changes to a list of things, and things in this action to be the repeating group’s items. And the field will be duration field of the repeating group items and the value will be parent’s durationGlobal.

If I understand your question correctly.

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Thank’s for replay.
I will try to clarify it as:

make changes to a list of things works as part of workflow? Correct?


@hergin Still valid in this case?

It looks like every item will have different durations. You should probably calculate them in another way. I dont understand what’s going on from this picture.

Please maybe give a clear examples with some numbers and what end result you are looking for. Maybe someone can help.

I will try to do my best and little redesign this schema - imagine:

  1. Slots (columns) are timeslots to do many Task in defined schedule (duration).
  2. Many Tasks, should have the same duration (as Slot) to fit in timeslot

So I defined duration for Slot and wish to propagate it to all Task in this Slot.
There is many Slots with many Tasks in one Slot.


Grab the list of tasks and place them in the action make changes to a list where you will choose the duration field and populate it with the input durations value.

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I’m trying but it is like head to the wall.
I’ve got 2 lists - List of Tasks and List of Slots.
Cannot switch to something useful…

I’ve added Button localization to the schema - email to task owner.
Defined duration taken from Slot should be inside this email.

How about sharing a screenshot of where you are at in Bubble? :smiley:

Show your attempt at building the workflow action suggested on this thread

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I gave up for now and used a workaround.
We’ll see if I need to come back to this topic.

Thank you very much for all your tips.