Possible or nah? Share a task and its values between multiple lists, but have some unique field values for each list

Hi bubblers,

Is it possible to do this? I am building an app similar to a todo list, but I am stumped on a unique feature I want.

The ability to share a task and it’s field values between multiple lists, but to also have some field values on that shared task be unique to each list. For example, I have a task that I want to share on multiple lists, but I want the task priority to be different dependent on the list it is on. Currently if I change the priority on one list it changes it for all lists because the task and it’s field values are shared. I’d prefer to not have the entire task copied in my database multiple times that is why I am thinking of this method.

I am hoping a fellow community member could let me know if there is a way to do this or not. I am new to bubble and loving it so far! :slight_smile:


Just setup your “Task” thing with a field called “Lists” (which is a List of Lists) - this way you can assign a task to multiple lists.

Only way I can think of doing this is have some identifiers in the List and in the Field and some conditional logic that says “if this List has a certain property, then display these type of Fields” or vice versa. Bit clunky to setup.

Struggling to picture the use case for this though - can you give an example of what the end product might be?