The `This input should not be empty` rule on the input element does not work as expected

We have provided an input element and a button element, and checked the This input should not be empty rule for the input element.

Here is the workflow.
If the input element is empty, pressing the button will enter abc in the input element.

When I tried, the This input should not be empty rule was violated and workflow processing was not executed.

How can we get it to work as expected?
I would like to know if there is a way to set this up.

Hi there, @katsuyadaisuko… long story short, uncheck the This input should not be empty box, and you should get the desired result.

The reason it’s not working as expected (assuming I understand your post correctly) is because the workflow isn’t able to run because you are referencing the input element in the workflow, and the input is not allowed to be empty. If you uncheck the box, the workflow will run when the button is clicked and the input’s value is empty, and ‘abc’ will appear in the previously empty input.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you for your response.
I understand that there is no way to avoid the This input should not be empty box rule being enforced once the input element is referenced in the workflow.
I will avoid using This input should not be empty box.

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