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Things saved to a type wont show up in RG for current user

I want users to select items from a type (Inventory Library) from a repeating group, presented as buttons. After clicking the button, a popup opens to display the clicked button’s value. The user can append more
information to that value by filling out other input fields. By saving it would create a new item of a different type (Inventory Item).

The RG is this:

The floating group ‘popup’ is this:

No sure if i need a data source. I cant seem to select the ‘current cells’ item. But I can select that in an input field in the floating group:

When the plus button is clicked, this happens:

I’m not sure why i need to select the current user’s email. Why not just the ‘current user’.

Below this RG, I have another RG that will display the saved values. I can only populate this RG with the correct items, when I choose this as the constraint:

This just didnt feel right. So i looked at my tables again and noticed I didnt have a thing of User as User in my Inventory Items object.

I added that and since then I am able to save an inventory item for a specific user (not the email address)

However, now the list of inventory items wont populate for that user, its empty.

The backend data shows the thing nicely for the inventory item type with the current user, so why wont it show?

im confused :confused:

(btw, this forum software is awesome, the way you just paste images in is great!)

Can you open your app so users can test. Like this it’s a bit hard for anyone to help.

OK, I cloned the app and removed everything that is not relevant. In order to make it work you’d have to sign up and login:

When I do this:

Instead of just ‘current user’s inventory items’, the list does populate. Why not the other way?

The debugger should help you figure out the data source of each element. Have you tried?

yeah, this is what i see:

but i cant see anything for the second RG because its just displaying data.

ALso, im not sure what I should be looking for…

The link you provide requires a login?

just a signup/login so you acually populate a current user…?

My point being, we can’t test without credentials.

Not sure what you mean. You cant open that link? I cloned the app and created a public version. What else do i need to do to make it available to others?

Here is what I see. Try to make the debugging page a bit more self explainatory.

But you can edit the app right?

The toggle is there because its in the original. I thought it would not be neccesary to remove because when you toggle it, you see the elements.

I can remove it, no problem.

As i explained above, i think you would have to login (sign up) in order to have a current user in the first place.

edit: it should be more clear now

So I think the issue is that “User’s Inventory Items” list is not being populated when you create the Inventory Item.

To do this you need an extra workflow action.

Although … I would think it would be a lot easier to just do a search for Inventory Items where Creator = Current User as having the list on the User seems redundant right now.

Every new thing has a “Creator”. But you need to maintain your lists on your users yourself. That is where it isn’t working.

Thanks Nigel.

I still need to wrap my head around lists… To me it seems there are two type of lists? A bunch of things in a type is a list but then there is also the possibility to create a list inside a thing? Basically multipe items in one cell?

So that would mean the 'User’s Inventory Item’s list should be populated with individual things, basically comma separated? So the list would sit in one cell… This concept is very new to me and i dont know i fully understand (well, obviously not…)

However, in this case the creator of the Inventory Items list is not always the current user. Sometimes the Current User does this him/herself so the items need to be stored on the current user, but sometimes its done by a ‘manager’ user and the results need to be stored on the client and not the Current User.

So would this be an issue for lists that are connected to the user but not created by the user?